Each garment in the store has its own rental price and is rented per piece and not as a complete package. See our list of prices below.

All rentals must be paid for in advance with a deposit and signed rental agreement in order to be placed on hold until scheduled pick up date.

Rental period is 5-7 days during the regular year, and 3 days during the month of October. If rentals are needed longer than 7 days, we charge a fee of $5 per each additional day.

Rentals can be reserved up to 2 months in advance.

Deposits are required for all rentals in the form of a credit card. This deposit will be held, (not processed) until the items are returned to us on the date agreed.

When renting an entire outfit you may receive 3 free rental accessories. Rental accessories include items like, scarves, hair flowers, handbags, jewelry, ties, suspenders, cummerbunds, pocket squares, tie clips, cuff links, ect. Shoes and hats do not count as accessories. Additional accessories beyond the 3 free are $5 each. Sorry, but we do not rent personal products such as wigs, sunglasses, and stockings/tights.

Ish will provide all cleaning after each garment is rented, cleaning is already included in rental cost.

Items must be returned in same condition as they were rented, otherwise there will be additional fees to repair or replace items that are lost or damaged.

Accessories may be rented separately for $5 each.

There is a $10 late fee for each day items are not returned past agreed return date. Late fees will be charged to the credit card on file for deposit.

All sales are final.



  • Accessories With Outfit 3 Free, additional pieces $5 Each
  • Accessories Without Outfit $5 Each
  • Shoes

  • Shoes $10-20
  • Boots $15-20
  • Go Go Boots $20
  • Hats

  • Small Hats $5
  • Medium/Large Hats $10-20
  • Captain Hats $20-25
  • Casual Wear

  • Regular Shirts $10-15
  • Polyester/Cotton/Jean Pants $10-15
  • Sweaters $10-20
  • Outerwear Coats $15-25
  • Skirts $15-20
  • Casual Day Dresses $20-40
  • One Piece Jumpsuits/Pantsuits $25-30
  • Formal Wear

  • Tuxedo/Dress Shirts $20
  • Tuxedo/Dress Slacks $20
  • Vests $15
  • Suit Jacket $20-35
  • Tails Jacket $40
  • 2 PC Tuxedo $55
  • 3 PC Tuxedo $65
  • 5 PC Tuxedo $75
  • Formal Dresses $40-65
  • Wedding Dresses Ĺ of Retail Price
  • Hoop Skirt $20
  • Hoop Skirt With Dress Rental $15
  • Crinoline/Petticoats $15
  • Crinoline/Petticoats With Dress Rental $10
  • Fringe/Leather Vests $15-25
  • Flapper Dresses $45-55
  • 60ís Go Go Dresses $25-35
  • Poodle Skirts $20
  • Slips/Corsets $10-20